Birgitta Victorson Headshot

Birgitta Victorson

Theater Credits
Breaking the Spell   Tina Howe     59E59     
In Quietness   Anna Moench     Youngblood-EST     
A Christmas Carol   Adrian Hall and Richard Cummings     Trinity Rep Company     
Complete   Andrea Kuchlewska     NY Fringe, Fringe Encore     
Paris by Night   Curt Columbus, Amy Warren, Andre Pluess     Trinity Rep Company     
The Last Great Pageant of Progress   Cory Hinkle     New Plays Festival/ Brown     
GO!   Molly Rice and Ensemble     Brown/ Trinity Consortium     
Hedda Gabler   Henrik Ibsen     Brown/ Trinity Consortium     
Building and Breaking   Christine Evans and others     Perishable Theatre     
Iggy Woo   Alice Tuan     Brown/ Trinity Playwrights Repertory     
Medea   Trans. Robinson Jeffers     Brown/ Trinity Consortium     
Medea   Trans. Robinson Jeffers     Brown/ Trinity Consortium     
Big Love   Chuck Mee     Brown/ Trinity Consortium     
Arabian Nights   Collaborative Adaptation     National High School Institute     
The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek   Naomi Wallace     Brown/ Trinity Consortium     
Sweet Dreams of Paris   Andy Bragen     New Plays Festival/ Brown     
The Fatty Arbuckle Spectacular Musical Revue - Co-director   Sarah Gubbins     Second City Theatricals     
The Book of Liz   The Talent Family     Roadworks     
In the Footprint   Steve Cosson     The Civilians     Dir. Steve Cosson
The Greeks: Part II   John Barton/ Kenneth Cavender     Juilliard     Dir. Brian Mertes
Uncle Vanya   Chekhov     Chekov at Lake Lucille     Dir. Brian Mertes
A Christmas Carol   Hall and Cummings     Trinity Rep      Dir. Curt Columbus
My Own Stranger   Marilyn Campbell and Linda Laundra     Writers Theatre      Dir. Kate Buckley
Soldier Dreams   Daniel MacIvor     Roadworks      Dir. Abigail Deser
Soldier Dreams   Daniel MacIvor     Roadworks      Dir. Abigail Deser
Other Credits
Henry IV, Part I   Shakespeare     Pearl Theater Co.     Dir. Davis McCallum
The Americans- Asst. Chor   Devised/Sam Shepard     Juilliard     Dir. Brian Mertes/Chor. Jesse Perez
The Ghost's Bargain   Adpt. Laura Eason     Two River Theater     Dir. Melissa Kievman
Cherry Orchard   Chekhov     Trinity Rep     Dir.Curt Columbus
The Dazzle   Richard Greenberg     Steppenwolf     Dir.David Cromer
Among the Thugs   Tom Szentgyorgyi     Goodman Theatre     Dir.Kate Buckley
Encyclopedia of the Dead   Collaborative Adaptation     Miloco Theatre Co., Prague CZ     Dir.Daniel Brown
Among the Thugs   Tom Szentgyorgyi     Next Theatre     Dir.Kate Buckley
Stupid Kids   John Russell     Roadworks Productions     Dir.Shade Murray
Macbeth   Shakespeare     Shakespeare Rep.      Dir.Kim Rubinstein
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown   Clark Gesner     Hangar Theatre, Ithaca, NY     Dir.Melissa Kievman
Education and Training
Brown University, MFA in Directing
Northwestern Universiy, BS in Speech
Marymount College Tarrytown London Drama Program

Special Skills
Movement(multiple forms esp. Laban and Leder),Viewpoints, Clown, Advanced Jazz Dance, Advanced Modern, Intermediate Ballet, Hip Hop and Tap, Yoga, Contact Improv

Awards and Recognition
Jeff Nomination for Outstanding Choreography
Stupid Kids, 2000