Uche Elueze Headshot

Uche Elueze

AEA Eligible
Height6' 0"
Weight165 lbs
Theater Credits
Barefoot In The Park (Fall 2014)   Delivery Guy/ Telephone Repair Man     Trinity Repertory Company     Michael Pearlman
The Serpent (Fall 2014)   God, Serpent, Adam, Doctor     Brown/ Trinity     Daniel Kramer
Tooth of Crime   Cheyenne     Brown/Trinity     Dan Rogers
Magic Hour   Dustin     Brown/ Writing is Live     Laura Colella
Twelfth Knight   Antonio     Brown/Trinity     Dan Rogers
Much Ado About Nothing   Claudio     Brown/Trinity     Flordelino Lagudino
Bus Stop   Bo Decker     Brown/Trinity     Dan Rogers
He is Here He Says I Say   Mugabi     BrownWriting is Live     Laurie Carlos
Macbeth   Banquo     University of Toledo     Cornel Gabara
The Misanthrope   Philinte      University of Toleldo      Cornel Gabara
Film Credits
Hands   Eric     Columbia College     Jerrod Howe
Moody’s Island Diner    Customer     Buckeye Cable (Commerical)     Carlos Sernea
Education and Training
Kripalu Yoga Certified Teacher- June 2014
MFA Acting Candidate May 2015
Acting- Brian McEleany, Anna Scurria, Vivenne Benesch
Voice- Thom Jones, Ginger Eckhart
Speech- D’arcy Dersham
Singing- Kathryne Jennings
Alexander- Carol Gill, Christine Stevens
Physical Theatre- Daniel Stein, Kali Quinn
Dance- Shura Baryshnikov
Black Box Acting- Chicago, IL
B.A. Theatre- University of Toledo
Special Skills
Skills- Yoga, Swimming, Basketball, Soccer,
Modern Dance, Latin Dance, African Dance, Hip-Hop Dance, House Music Dancing, Break Dance,
Moderate Spanish, Whistling ,Valid U.S Passport, Valid Driver’s License

Dialects- Upon Request