Russ Salmon Headshot

Russ Salmon

AEA - SAG Eligible
RepresentationNYC: Hartig Hilepo Agency Ltd.
Rep PhoneLA Commercial: Jon StrotheideEyesBlue/Green
Rep Fax 323-462-3246VoiceTenor
Film Credits
Prom   Kevin (Lead)     USC Dept. of Cinematic Studies     Abby Potts
Black Martini   The Reporter     The Younesi Brothers     The Younesi Brothers
The Joe Donovan Variety Show   Barry     JDVS Productions     
Mystery Mail   The Baker (Lead)     Unleavened Entertainment     Josh Kanuck
Clean    Gary     Columbia Graduate Film     Nina Chernik
Television Credits
Greater Building Society (starring Jerry Seinfeld)   Assistant's Assistant's Assistant     Australian TV     Christian Charles
'I Want a Famous Face' *   Famous Face     MTV Productions     Elizabeth Rohrbaugh
Doritos Sweepstakes *   Winner     MTV Productions     
'True Life' *   Gallery Patron     MTV Productions     
'Camp Jim' *   Primary Voiceover     MTV Productions     Elizabeth Rohrbaugh
Theater Credits
American Psycho (2 readings in LA)   Luis Carruthers     Act 4 Productions     Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Wasted   Barry     Ars Nova     Danny Mefford
The Joe Donovan Variety Show   Ineffectual     Oregon Shakespeare Festival     Susannah Flood
The Revenger's Tragedy (Off-Broadway)   Flaminio     Red Bull Theatre Company      Jesse Berger
A Christmas Carol   Jacob Marley     Trinity Repertory Company     Liesl Tommy
Rough Magic (world premiere)   Ariel     Hangar Theatre     Kevin Moriarty
Floyd Collins   Jewell Estes     Berkshire Theatre Festival     Jared Coseglia
The Tempest   Ariel     McCarter Theatre (Berlind)     Tracy Bersley
Macbeth   Lady Macbeth     Red Bull Theatre Company     Tracy Bersley
HAIR   Margaret Meade     Hangar Theatre     Kevin Moriarty
The Intimacy Project   Nathan     Ontological Theatre     Laurie Sales
Henry V   Dauphin/Chorus     Brown/Trinity Rep Consortium     Aaron Rossini
Camino Real    Casanova     Brown/Trinity Rep Consortium     Liesl Tommy
Polaroid Stories   Narcissus     Brown/Trinity Rep Consortium     Mia Rovegno
The Marriage of Figaro   Bazile     Brown/Trinity Rep Consortium     Makaela Pollack
Elektra   Agamemnon     Brown/Trinity Rep Consortium     Mia Rovegno
Learned Ladies   Lepine     Brown/Trinity Rep Consortium     Jesse Geiger
365 Plays/365 Days   Ensemble     Brown/Trinity Rep Consortium     Dan LeFranc
The Visit   Koby     Brown/Trinity Rep Consortium     Johanna McKeon
godhole   Michael     FREEPLAY @ NYU Graduate Acting     Rosie Benton/Nick Mills
Peter Pan   Starkey      Syracuse Stage     Bob Moss
Call Me Crazy   Anne Heche     Transformed Space     Kate Turnbull
Absolut Live (starring Lady Bunny)   Son of a Preacher Man     L.A. House of Blues     
Other Credits
Pericles   William Shakespeare     Brown/Trinity Rep Consortium     
Impossible Play   Jesse Geiger     Brown/Trinity Rep Consortium     
* Promo
Education and Training
MFA in Acting at Brown University/Trinity Rep.
BFA degree in Musical Theatre at SyracuseUniversity
Lesly Kahn & Co.

Acting: Brian McEleny; Stephen Berenson; Rodney Hudson; Elizabeth Ingram; Malcom Ingram; Susan Appel; Craig MacDonald
Dance/Movement: Stephen Buescher; Laura Munoz; Tony Salatino; David Wanstreet; Tracy Bersley
Voice: Thom Jones; Rodney Hudson; Suzie Kuzma; Rebecca Karpoff; Linda Dowdell
Linklater: Timothy Douglas; Elizabeth Ingram; Malcom Ingram
Mask: Stephen Buescher; Craig MacDonald; Emily DeCola
Stage Combat: J David Brimmer; Tony Salatino
Viewpoints/Yoga/Pilates: Laura Munoz; Tracy Bersley; Tony Salatino
Alexander Technique: Carol Gill; Christine Stevens
Special Skills
Piano; Knitting; Kite Surfing; Skiing; Dialects: Irish (Dublin/Northern), British (RP/London), Northern Italian
Awards and Recognition
Stephen Sondheim Fellow: Brown University/Trinity Rep.
Arthur Storch Award for Artistic Growth: Syracuse University
Becci Ingram Award for Best Triple Threat: Syracuse University