Brough Hansen Headshot

Brough Hansen

Theater Credits
Harry and the Thief   Jones     The Habitat
Mother's Day   Nicky     NYC Fringe (*Encore)
Jitterbug (workshop)   Crudo (lead)     Dixon Place
Auntie Mame*   Patrick     NYTW
Pinewood*   Ensemble     Page 73
Colossal*   Player     Alliance Theatre
Anna Christie   Mat Burke     Cape Rep Theatre
The Importance of Being Earnest   Jack Worthing     Northern Stage
Coriolanus   u/s Coriolanus, First Citizen     Commonwealth Shakespeare Company
His Girl Friday   Ralph Sweeney     Trinity Repertory Company
U.S.A.   JW Moorehouse     Brown/Trinity
Parade   Judge Roan     Brown/Trinity
The Rover   Don Antonio     Brown/Trinity
Midsummer Night's Dream   Oberon     Brown/Trinity
Time of Your Life   Blick     Brown/Trinity
Three Sisters   André     Brown/Trinity
Phoenix Lights   Louis     Brown/Trinity
Guns and Ammo   Several     Dartmouth College
The Underpants   Theo Maske     Dartmouth College
The Imaginary Invalid   Thomas Diafoirus     Dartmouth College
Third*   Woodson Bull III     Dartmouth College
Other Credits
Everglades   Author     Valhalla Productions
The Chalk Artist   Author     Amios
The Blue   Author     Something Marvelous
Night Vision*   Author     Writing is Live Festival
The Chalky White Substance by: Tennessee Williams   Director     Brown/Trinity
Education and Training
MFA, Brown University/Trinity Rep Graduate Acting Program; BA Dartmouth College.

Acting – Brian McEleney, Curt Columbus, Stephen Berenson – Brown; Bob Krakower, David Vacarri, Erica Jensen, Geoff Soffer – On Camera; Peter Hackett, Jack Doulin

Voice – Thom Jones, Kathryne Jennings

Movement – Daniel Stein, Jane Nichols, Bob Berkey, Carol Gill – Brown
Special Skills
Dialects (Irish, British RP, Brooklynese), Spanish (8 years), certified downhill ski instructor.