Alec Weinberg Headshot

Alec Weinberg

Phone(443)413-1328HairLight Brown
Height5' 7"
Weight130 lbs
Theater Credits
Romeo and Juliet   Paris     B/T MFA     Ashley Teague
The Tempest   Alonso     B/T MFA     Kyle Terry
A Midsummer Night's Dream   Puck     B/T MFA     Stephen Berenson
The Crucible   Cheever/Betty/Sarah     B/T MFA     Ashley Teague
Grieving in Sequins   Black Figure     Iron Crown Theatre     Steven Satta
The Elves and the Shoemaker   Green Elf     Pumpkin Theatre     James Kinstle
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie   The Boy     Pumpkin Theatre     James Kinstle
Soldier Dreams   David(1)     Iron Crown Theatre     Steven Satta
Picasso at the Lapin Agile   Einstein     Peter Wray     Towson University Theatre
Macbeth   Rosse     Steven Satta     Towson University Theatre
The Bind of Isaac   Isaac     Steven Satta     University of Baltimore Theatre
Pilgrims of the Storm   Brandon     David White     
Elephant's Graveyard   Engineer     David White     Towson University Theatre
Landscape of the Body   Bert     Diane Smith-Sadak     Towson University Theatre
Romeo and Juliet   Balthazar     Steven Satta     Towson University Theatre
The Time of your Life   Drunkard     Peggy Penniman     Towson University Theatre
One of those People   Ralph     Paul Wissman     Iron Crown Theatre
The Docents   The Boy     Raine Bode